Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pink Luminous?

Pink Luminous Breast is an at-home device designed to help women and men become more familiar with the tissue inside and inner-workings of their breasts. The device works by emitting a red LED light that is safely absorbed by red blood cells and reflects any potentially harmful blood filled or blood surrounded masses.

Can Lighting Affect The Usage Of Pink Luminous?

Yes, daylight or a well lit room substantially decreases the efficacy of Pink Luminous. The best way to use the device is in a dark setting. This increases the visual intensity and maximizes the effect.

If I find any abnormalities in my breast, what should I do?

If you find any irregularities in your breasts you should schedule an appointment with your physician immediately. The device, in such a case, has served the purpose, for which we created it.

Does Pink Luminous replace breast screenings with my doctor?

Absolutely not. Pink is a supplemental tool. It is intended to improve breast health awareness but does not in any way substitute breast screenings you would typically have with your doctor and in accordance with your own treatment choices.

Is RED LED light technology safe?

Yes, RED LED light technology is 100% safe with no side effects.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can use Pink Luminous or to my frequency of use?

You can use Pink Luminous whenever you like, as often as you’d like since it causes no side effects. Share it with other adult members of your family to maximize your investment in this potentially life-saving technology.

Where can I purchase the Pink Luminous device?

You can find and order Pink Luminous on the website, the website (our parent company),, at many CVS stores and through the Breast Awareness app, found on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app is created and offered by the Pink Luminous Advocacy Project as a public service, and is the first breast awareness and monitoring app designed for women and men. Yes, although more rare, men can contract breast cancer too.

What is the relationship between the Pink Luminous breast check-up device and the Pink Luminous Advocacy Project?

The Pink Luminous device is created and marketed by SilkPro USA, LLC. SilkPro USA, LLC is a for profit company which invents, develops and specializes in light technology products for health and beauty. The Pink Luminous is our flagship product and embodies our mission of helping people (particularly women) all over the world live a health-aware lifestyle.

The Pink Luminous Advocacy Project is a 501(c)3 organization with three primary aims: 1) Aims for the education of men and women on the need to be proactive with breast health, breast cancer prevention and early detection; 2) Invests in research, particularly as it relates to how red LED spectrum light can be used to detect early symptoms of breast cancer; 3) Distributes preliminary breast cancer screening tools to women living in financially-challenged communities, where the resources for mammograms are not easily accessible.